Tapan Das

About Me

Myself #Tapan Das, my native place is GUWAHATI, the capital city of ASSAM. I am having all the characteristics of a living person, I have Love, I have anger, I have pain, I have happiness. It is very difficult to describe someone, even it is difficult to describe myself. Our life is full of personal secretes, pain, happiness,success, failure, drama, trauma and what not. Through out the time I have learn that no one is good, no one is bad in this world, its depend on attitude toward the other person . A person may be bad from my point of view, but the same person may be good and well wisher for the another person. It is human instinct, when we achieved something, we fell proud and give credit to our-self and god, but when we face failure we blame others.

All individuals are characterized by his or her strength and weakness, liking and disliking, characters and attitude. Just like every individuals I am also having some weakness and strength. I love Natural beauty, travailing, Photography, Electronics, and of course good music.

Tapan Das Guwahati,Assam